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Digital Streaming

The entertainment industry is rapidly moving away from physical media (DVD and Blu-Ray) to streaming only platforms (ie Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, AppleTV+, etc.) and Epoch Productions will be transitioning soon as well. We hope this page can help answer any burning questions or concerns you may have as well as provide information as to why Digital Streaming is the superior format we recommend for your performance.

What exactly is Digital Streaming? We're glad you asked! Digital Streaming is a format offered in partnership with MediaZilla allowing you take ownership of your video(s) into a personal library which you can access from any device where you can log into the MediaZilla website such as your phone, laptop computer, desktop computer, iPad, tablet, you name it! There is also an AppleTV app and native apps are currently being developed for all of your favorite streaming boxes like Roku, FireTV and smart TV apps as well.